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Discovering BODY MOJO: A journey toward self-acceptance and empowerment

Nine months ago, I sat in a room with 20 brave women who had signed up for a class called “Body Compass” at Lucky Star Art Retreat. Each woman had her own story about how she relates to her body, what she thinks about it, and the self-talk she engages in. These stories were raw and real, and, to be honest, they brought me to my knees, especially when I reflected on my own experiences.

During the class, we were asked to visualize a time in our lives when we didn’t hear that inner dialogue. As a woman, you probably know the exact dialogue I’m referring to – the one that can be critical, unkind, comparing, and harsh. It intrigued me, and I started thinking back, way back. I remembered a photo of myself as a little girl doing cartwheels on the lawn. I must have been around five or six years old. I remember the joy and excitement of flipping over and over on the soft summer grass. In that moment, I never once worried about how I looked or if others were judging me. Asking “does this look ok?” never crossed my mind.  I look at this photo and I wonder about what my little girl dreams were without the limitations I so often put on myself with thoughts about my body.  

The instructor’s point in asking this question was to highlight how the negative inner dialogue serves as a barrier to becoming our best selves. She helped us realize that making space for that negative dialogue actually hinders us from fully embracing and pursuing our unique and exciting lives.

The three-hour experience moved me so deeply that I approached the instructor and proposed the idea of a larger event where we could gather several days together to share this impactful information alongside nature, self-care, creativity, and delicious food.

And thus, BODY MOJO was born.

If you are a woman who desires to enhance your connection to your body, experience greater comfort within yourself, and cultivate a deeper sense of compassion for your body, we wholeheartedly invite you to join us next spring at the BODY MOJO Retreat. 


Shawn Stratmann

Facilitator & Owner of Body Mojo Event


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