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Shawn Stratmann & Lisa Field

Longtime collaborators and friends, Shawn and Lisa share a history of weaving their creative magic together. Their partnership extends to the acclaimed Lucky Star Art Camp, an annual art and whole living retreat welcoming 135 women in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. The genesis of Body Mojo emerged from their shared vision and passion when in 2022, the spark was ignited during a transformative class offered at Lucky Star Art Camp, led by Kathianne Sellers Williams. The class resonated so deeply with participants that Shawn and Lisa knew they were onto something transformative. That captivating three-hour experience has now blossomed into the vibrant journey of Body Mojo – an empowering retreat designed to help women better connect with their body, their thought patterns about their body and to celebrate their body uniqueness. Shawn & Lisa’s commitment to guiding women toward their best selves continues to thrive through this new venture.

Shawn Stratmann

In addition to her role within the BODY MOJO Team, Shawn Stratmann is also at the helm of the "{gal}axy women’s collective.” This initiative offers coaching, events, and resources specifically tailored to women entrepreneurs in their business ventures while supporting them in living their best lives aligned with their purpose.

With over 20 years of entrepreneurial and business & marketing expertise, Shawn excels in harmonizing a company's mission and vision with their operational tasks through her adept project management skills. Her forte lies in helping other women entrepreneurs define and refine their business marketing and messaging. She is also very adept at overseeing a multitude of intricate details while ensuring the end results feel effortless and cohesive. Whether orchestrating marketing campaigns, events, product launches, or communication campaigns, Shawn's dedication ensures her clients and co-collaborators remain aligned with their objectives, timeline, and financial targets.


Lisa Field

Lisa has spent her career creating beautiful landscapes and nourishing food as a landscape designer, organic gardener, and event planner. The soulful work she does in these roles shines through not only in the gardens she creates but also in her knack for the way she can make people feel by creating spaces and events that impact people’s lives.

In 2012, Lisa founded Lucky Star Art Camp for Women and for over 10 years has run the event for hundreds of women who travel to the Texas Hill Country to partake in creative classes, nourishing food, beautiful music, and so much more. Lucky Star Art Camp has grown to be a thriving community of creative women who celebrate and support one another outside of just the week they spend together at camp.

Lisa is fueled by dynamic conversations, spending time at concerts and farmer’s markets, lake days, mountain trips, beach weekends, and spending time with her family and friends.

Kathianne Sellers Williams

Kathianne Sellers Williams is an artist and non-diet dietitian. For over 25 years, she’s helped women find well-being through creative self-care, compassionate curiosity, and gentle nutrition. Kathianne believes creative expression is soul food! She’s also a mama, gardener, bibliophile, and lover of serendipity and sunshine. Kathianne is presently planted in Dallas, Texas.

● Registered Dietitian with the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
● Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor
● Bachelor's degree in nutrition from The University of Minnesota
● Masters degree in health education from The Pennsylvania State UniversityDietetic Internship at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a teaching hospital of Harvard Medical School
● Extensive post-graduate coursework in behavior change, health psychology, intuitive eating, trauma
● Completed Life Coach Training with the Martha Beck Institute (10-month program)
● Previously a personal trainer and track coach- held the Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach (NSCA) credential for 13 years
● Counseling thousands of clients (nutrition, personal training, and coaching) since 1997
● A passion for helping others nourish their whole selves and reach their highest potential

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