Body Mojo Event

A Transformative Women’s Retreat

Helping Women better connect with their body, their thought patterns, and their body uniqueness.

Body Mojo is For Women

People, lifestyle, botany, vegetation and flora concept. Mysterious young woman with short brunette hair and dark eyes posing in woods, covering face with large green leaf, enjoying wild nature

The self assured woman who wants to silence her inner critic and embrace her authentic self


The busy woman who needs to slow down and prioritize self care


The self aware woman who understands the importance of the mind-body connection for overall well being

A vertical shot of a female standing on the bay enjoying the view in Motueka, New Zealand

The woman seeking empowerment and confidence through a deeper connection with herself


The woman who wants to normalize, normal bodies


The woman who wants to improve her self-talk related to her body

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Women frequently confront unrealistic beauty standards perpetuated by the media and society, resulting in feelings of inadequacy and discontent with their bodies. This can lead to a damaging pattern of negative self-talk, internalizing harmful beliefs about our bodies, and fostering a cycle of self-criticism that negatively affects our self-esteem and overall well-being. The impact of these internalized beliefs can manifest in personal body shaming and an incessant internal dialogue, significantly influencing our day-to-day emotions and experiences.

· Empowers women to love and appreciate their bodies, fostering a positive and nurturing relationship with themselves.

· Helps Women Break Free from Societal Norms: With the pressure to conform to unrealistic beauty standards, Body Mojo provides a safe space to challenge stereotypes and embrace individuality.

· Boosts Self-Confidence: Through transformative experiences and embodied exercises, women gain confidence in their bodies' strength, resilience, and unique beauty.

· Fosters Inner Harmony: Body Mojo encourages women to listen to their bodies and cultivate inner peace, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

· Connects with Like-Minded Women: The event brings together a supportive community of women, fostering meaningful connections and a sense of belonging.

· Discovers Personal Strengths: Participants explore their inner power and gifts, gaining a deeper understanding of their potential and purpose.

· Embraces Body Diversity: Body Mojo celebrates the beauty of all body types, promoting inclusivity and encouraging women to feel valued and accepted.

· Teaches Mindfulness and Self-Care: Women learn essential tools for self-care and mindfulness, supporting their overall well-being and mental health.

· Helps Reclaim Your Body Narrative: By rewriting their internal dialogue, women can challenge negative self-talk and embrace a more empowering narrative about their bodies.

· Ignites Positive Change: Empowered women become agents of change in their lives and communities, inspiring others to embrace self-love and body positivity.

Dates & Location
Coming Soon!

Five Days, Four Nights

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and body positivity

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What's included in the event?


Embodied Exercises & Yoga






Body Mojo Coaching Sessions

Mutual creative work. Young beautiful couple in casual clothes and aprons. People creating a bowl on a pottery wheel in a clay studio.

Creative Classes

Table setting for a wedding ceremony in an eco style in the forest. Decoration with fresh flowers, candles, moss, garlands.
Boho style dining table. Vintage.

Beautiful Food Experiences

Memorable embodied experiences

A closeup focused shot of a branch of wheat with a bright background
Rear view of woman standing in the forest with her arms wide open

Incorporating Elemental Wisdom of Air, Fire, Water, Earth

$3,300-4,500 All Inclusive Cost

LUX Resort Accommodations — Beautiful Nourishing Farm to Table Food, Three Body Mojo Sessions with certified coach — Three creative classes lead by female artists aligned with the Body Mojo Mission. Use of the entire Horseshoe Farm — Dynamic Community of like-minded women, Yoga, Sound Bath, Embodied Exercises, Nature, Hiking, Biking, Swimming.

For an additional fee

Full Spa services available on site.

Travel expenses not included

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